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9 Golden Lotus Casket

What's in the Package

  1. Golden Chariot Hearse.
  2. 9 Golden Lord Shiva Light Chariot.
  3. 9 Golden Lotus Carving on VIP Casket.
  4. 9 Garland Full Decoration on Chariot Hearse.
  5. 9 Vaga Malai on 9 Lord Shiva.
  6. Decoration with Flowers, Banana Trees & Garland.
  7. Deceased Clothing, Dhoti, Shirt & Thalappa.
  8. 11 kinds of ABHISHEGAM provided (For Bathing).
  9. 2 Air-con Buses, 100 Passengers.
  10. 10 Tables, 100 Chairs + Lighting.
  11. Photo Enlargement with Frame.
  12. Gold Rice.
  13. 3rd day Ash collection, with 10 seater Air-con bus.
  14. Prayers and Bathing.
  15. Booking of Cremation / Burial (payment made by Client).
  16. Embalming & Make-up.
  17. Fridge & 5 Cartons Mineral Water.
  18. Provide Portable Toilet.

Lotus Series

  • 9 Golden Lotus Casket
  • 9 Golden Lotus Casket

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